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WiFi Temperature Data Logging Sensor


Price:  $250.

  • Measure temperature while transferring data via WiFi to a PC
  • Built-in data display
  • Measurement range from –20 °C to 60 °C (–4 °F to 140 °F)
  • 802.11b-compliant
  • Capable of logging greater than 1,000,000 temperature samples
  • Sensor memory stores all data even if WiFi is temporarily disconnected
  • Internal lithium polymer battery (rechargeable using included Micro-USB cable)

  • Software
  • EasyLog WiFi software available as free download
  • Sensor setup via easy-to-use software interface
  • View and analyze data from multiple WiFi-500 sensors, including immediate graphing of logged data
  • Export logged data for immediate graphing in Microsoft® Excel®
  • Audible temperature alarm feature
  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows® 7/Vista®/XP SP2, 32-bit or 64-bit

Low-Cost Temperature, Humidity, and Thermocouple Data Loggers

temperature/humidity/thermo data loggers

New thermo product 
Price:  $235.
  • Measure temperature, humidity, or thermocouples
  • Logging rates from 2 seconds to 2 hours
  • Battery powered
  • Push-button controls
  • Audible and on-screen alarms
  • Graphic LCD shows real-time readings, graph, and current status
  • Stores over 250,000 readings
  • Built-in magnets for mounting
  • Includes easy-to-use software to set sampling interval, alarms, start time,
    and many other options
  • Easily display, graph, and save data in formats such as .csv to import into
    Microsoft® Excel®
  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows® 8/7/Vista® SP2/XP SP3, 32-bit or 64-bit
Mini Salon Cross-Arm Camera Stand

Price:  $1295.

                          stand 3

Allows working heights from 22.5" to just under 6 ft.

The counter-balanced column in black anodized aluminum is mounted on a heavy cast iron 33" x 21.5" base with two pivoting wheels which lock firmly into place with individual wheel locks.

The Mini Salon features a smooth operating counter balanced horizontal gear driven cross-arm, supplied complete with a camera support platform. The cross-arm support casting also features a built-in 7.8 x 11" accessory tray.

A double camera bracket, mount for an additional camera, 90° camera mount, and utility tray are among the accessories that may be ordered separately.

Carbon Fiber Tripod / Rapid Column with Pro Head

Price:  $1250 / pkg.

Camera tripod
tripod head

Carbon Fiber Tripod with Rapid Column is a heavy-duty tripod that's intended for use with video cameras and large still cameras. With a 39.7 lb load capacity, the lightweight carbon fiber leg tubes of the 057 tripod provide rigid support even under a considerable amount of weight.

Rapid center column has a non-rotating, three-faceted design for increased system stability. To enable extremely low-angle shooting, you can unscrew the center-post collar, remove the center column, and attach the collar directly to the included low-angle adapter (through the chassis). With this method the 057 tripod can achieve a minimum height of 9".  Maximum height 80.7".

Pro Head attachment features built-in bubble levels for horizontal / vertical control & oversized handles. Calibrated degree angles and quick release plate.

ThermReview Software
Infrared Image Processing

Price:  $4495.


Powerful software package for post-processing of infrared thermal images.

Provides for multiple display. 

Post-processing of Delta T values and temperature ranges.

Unlimited palette control / design

For more information - click here

  • Multiple digital zoom
  • Automatic save to disk of images after scan
  • Precision spot temperature control
  • Flexible pointer and identifier for any location on image
  • Operational symbols/icons for one-click operation
  • Mouse controlled temperature display at any location on the image
  • Software calibration in the field
  • Unlimited color palette design
  • Plus/minus control for number of colors displayed for image
  • Multiple palette display on same screen
  • Toggle for Celsius & Fahrenheit
  • Reverse color scale control
  • 9 image window display over multiple windows
  • Multiple Isotherm selection
  • Download function of temperature data to Excel format

Remote Temperature and Humidity Logger

Price:  $149.

                          temp/humidity logger

Low-cost, remote temperature and humidity logger

For Commercial or Home Use!

  • Easy to use—no training required
  • Stores 16,382 temperature reading and 16,382 relative humidity measurements
  • Supports -35 to +80 °C (+/- 1 °C accuracy)
  • Supports 0 to 100% relative humidity
  • All software included to install, configure and download data
  • Software includes powerful strip chart and export to Excel®
  • Protected against moisture to IP67 standard when cap is installed
  • Battery-operated
  • 1-year warranty

For establishing a controlled environment and recording changes via USB input technology.

USB Battery powered remote Counter / Event / State Data Logger

Price:  $175.


Stand-alone data logger for recording events, state change, and event counter.

Logging rate of up to four times per sec for events, two times per sec for state changes and 100 times per sec when counting

Stores up to 32,510 readings

Accepts input voltages up to 24 V

Rising and falling edge triggering

LED flash on event / state change

Signal connection via two screw terminals

Data Logger Application software to install, configure, view, and export data to Excel®
Pro Series - Battery-Powered Remote Temperature Logger with Extended Temperature Range

Price:  $295.

Pro logger

Measurement range: -40 to +125 °C (-40 to +257 °F)

Accuracy: ±0.2 °C (±0.4 °F), typical

Operating temperature range: -40 to +125 °C (-40 to +257 °F)

Stores up to 32,510 measurements

All software included to install, configure and download data along with powerful strip-chart and export to Excel®

Protected against moisture to IP67 standard when cap is installed

Software configurable data rollover: Allows unlimited logging periods by overwriting the oldest data when the memory is full

Includes 2/3 AA, 3.6 V lithium battery

Rugged 316-grade stainless steel housing with threaded protective cap and O-ring

Sampling rates from once per second to once every 12 hours

Supported Windows® Operating Systems: Windows 7/Vista/XP SP2, all 32-bit

Non-contact Forehead IR Thermometer

Price:  $195.

89.6 to 108.5°F, ±0.5°F accuracy, 1.9 to 5.9" optimum distance, 0.5 sec response time.

forehead thermometer

The non-contact forehead IR thermometer measures body temperature from 89.6°F to 108.5°F (32.0°C to 42.5°C) without contact. The thermometer is accurate to 0.5°F (0.3°C) with 0.1°F / °C resolution. The adjustable alarm alerts the user visually and audibly when the measured temperature exceeds the programmed limit. The optimum measurement distance is 1.9" to 5.9" (5 to 15cm).

The non-contact forehead IR thermometer measures surface temperature from 32°F to 140°F (0.0°C to 60.0°C) and has a fast response time (0.5 seconds). Simply press the trigger and read the temperature on the large backlit LCD display. The memory stores up to 32 readings for easy recall.

The non-contact IR thermometer ships complete with two AA batteries and pouch.

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