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Veterinary Applications with Teletherm

Large and Small Animals
  • Rapid and  Quick Assessments
  • Non-invasive
  • Provides Valuable Information
  • Important for Animal Care

Online Veterinary Infrared Training Program

Equine Veterinary Journal 2009 Jan; 41(1):18-23 - Department of Large Animal Surgery and Anaesthesiology, Ghent University, Belgium
"Thermography is a valuable and rapid clinical tool to monitor the development of cast sores.

J. Dairy Sci 2008 Dec; 91(12):4592-8

"A thermal camera mounted in a milking or feeding parlor could detect temperature changes associated with clinical mastitis or other diseases in a dairy herd."

"... changes in circulation may be noted even before lesions can be confirmed with ultrasound." 
Clark Equine Clinic, Albion, Idaho

"It can be concluded that surface temperature changes assessed using infrared
thermography, in particular of the hen's comb, are sensitive to husbandry procedures such as handling and represent a potentially useful method for assessing stress-induced hyperthermia in chickens."

School of Veterinary Sciences, University of Bristol, Langford UK.
Animated series of equine images with notations
Note detail on the horse image and the various areas of hot and cold associated with the animal's head, neck, leg, hind regions.

Other Available Thermal Imaging Courses
  • Thermal imaging eliminates some of the guesswork.
  •  Provides a precise heat map of the affected area.
  • An efficient way to learn more about the animal.

Various horse views
thermal image suspensory ligament
Evaluate the suspensory ligament.

              image equine hind muscle tear
Evaluate muscle tears.

Taking pictures with an infrared camera to evaluate a painful condition on a horse is quite dramatic and extremely helpful to the veterinary physician or horse trainer.

The images on this page are just a few examples of various animal subjects. They have been taken with the Teletherm infrared imaging system which operates in the optimum 8-12 micron range of the infrared spectrum. It is also a radiometric device which means it shows the temperature values at any location on the image.

muscle tear on horse
Digital zoom showing muscle tear on right hind.

There has been greater utilization with large animals in the private clinical setting than with small ones.

Zoo animals can also be helped by making sure there are no soft tissue injuries, that otherwise might go undetected.
Laboratory animals such as pigs, rats, rabbits, or monkeys have been used to understand certain disease processes or the effects of pharmaceutical products and therapies.
An objective thermal perspective is provided.

Dog Park Video

              image small dog
Thermal image of small dog.

Thermogram of Siamese Cat
Thermogram of a Siamese cat

Thermal imaging is an objective assessment of the situation where communication between animal and doctor may be limited, or not properly understood through other methods.

                view of hoof

thermal image horse

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