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Clinical Infrared Thermal Imaging Course

Complete Study Program for
Clinical Infrared Thermal Imaging.

Standard procedures, applications, and the science of
infrared imaging for physiological evaluations.

Understanding all aspects of thermal imaging
and accepted practices.

Instructional tools for providing this service.

Developed from 30 years of experience
with training and implementation of this technology.
from an established authority in clinical infrared thermal imaging.

Technical Certificate Provided

Does not require previous experience or use of a specific infrared camera.

Take at your own pace

Personal Consultation
Q&A Section - Ask our Experts

An informative, concise program &
valuable resource reference

- Layout of a Clinical Infrared Thermal Imaging Center
- Recommended Forms and Procedures
- Suggested Views for Full Body Scans or Segmental Series
Instructional Guides for Reading Images
- Acceptable Fees
- Revenue Areas
- Before & After Testing Programs
- Efficacy - Coordinating with Other Procedures

Infrared Camera Selection Criteria - Technical Considerations
Understanding calibration of the infrared camera for human/animal thermal imaging

Assessing drift issues and temperature sensitivity

Provides extensive library of Images - Case Examples
with observation notes on the key thermal regions
for each image

Narrated Presentations
  • Science/History of Infrared 
  • Software Presentation
  • Palette Control & Importance
  • Image Analysis & Discussion
  • Sample Report formats
  • Appropriate Marketing
  • Recommended Reading & Organizations
  • Research Literature Review
  • Future Innovations

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Preview of clinical
                  infrared thermal imaging course

What others say:

"You offer a valuable course"  J.R. Massage Instructor, Oxford, MA

"You have put together a very good course material!"  M.J., Engineer, New York

"I read all the materials and all the Powerpoint.  I really enjoyed the course."  A.J., Naturopath, Pasadena, CA

"Thanks so much!  This was very informative!"  S.T., San Francisco, CA

Technical Certificate of Achievement Provided
Edited and Reviewed by Teletherm's Ph.D. Director of R&D, scientific specialist in remote infrared passive sensing

Continuing Program Updates - Unlimited Access

Infrared Thermal Imaging for Clinical Applications

Fee:  (US) $245.


Thermal imaging equipment is not required to take this program.

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