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An easy, non-contact, and truly non-invasive way
to observe and monitor the effects of treatments, health products, pharmaceuticals and exercise. 

THERMAL IMAGING SERIES below taken before and after ACUPUNCTURE TREATMENT on the leg for Baker's Cyst problem (taken at recent Teletherm training class in Tampa). Subject suffered pain with left leg. Major area of inflammation on left leg before acupuncture treatment (first two images in upper left - anterior, posterior, respectively). On posterior view of left leg (top middle image), note region of increased heat, represented in red. Significant asymmetry from back of knee to lower left leg.

Note significant cooling of posterior left leg on image top right after initial treatment, (yellows and greens) and after 1.5 hours on anterior view with some warming back up on posterior view (2nd row right). The female subject was treated again the following morning. Final image on lower right.

acupuncture before after series thermal

This technology helps to establish efficacy for various therapies.  Shows changes with heat emissions from the body.

Research Findings:

Evaluation of the cellulite using a thermal infrared camera
- A Nkengne et al.  As Cellulite relates to the microcirculation, they state that measuring the skin temperature is a means to assess the skin microvascular plexus.  Their results show that the thermal camera imaging is a repeatable and reproducible method that can be used to assess the severity of cellulite, and help professionals to better understand and follow the benefits of the procedures they are administrating. Skin Research and Technology 2012. J. Wiley & Sons.

The Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology reference to Johnson & Johnson Santé Beauté France, in conjunction with the above, discusses the clinical documentation of the benefits of an anticellulite product containing
caffeine, forskolin, ruscogenin, and carnitine. Vol 66, Issue 4, April 2012.

thermal image before & after

thermal image of chest before &
                        after acupuncture
Images at left are taken of a physician attendee at a Teletherm seminar in 2008. This subject passed away in 2014 from an unexpected stroke!

Image right shows the subject after time elapse from acupuncture of approximately 40 minutes.

Before acupuncture image shows areas of significantly increased thermal activity throughout left upper thoracic region.  Focal thermal zone (pink region) noted.

Chest image before shows significant thermal activity radiating down and under subject's left breast.

Series taken before a MAGNET
is used.
Note absence of fingers on hands below (very cold)

Magnet images before

Series below was taken after a MAGNET is used.
Note that fingers appear on hands (become warmer)

Magnet images after

The fingers will show an increase in thermal activity as the sequence progresses.

Special Note: The above examples are from a single test conducted using the magnets on one person, on one day.
These pictures illustrate that it would be useful for more extensive testing to be conducted by manufacturers and suppliers, using thermal imaging in a scientific environment. This will provide objective, helpful information about their products.


Female subject - 74 years of age. The images to the left are animated in time sequence over a period of five minutes to confirm the consistency of the subject's poor circulatory activity in the hands. Note that there is total cutoff ... the fingers don't appear on the image. This lack of activity was evident over a period of five minutes. No change occurs. (6 images in series)

The same subject immediately after a magnet was taped with bandaid to the vicinity of the elbow as indicated. There is a cool blue/purple zone where the magnet is located initially. This heats up over the time period involved. Note the dramatic change in circulation to the fingers occurring in this series of 13 views taken. The magnet used was the size of a silver dollar.

Additional Note: Two complete series were conducted on this individual, both AM and PM. A placebo test was conducted using a quarter on the arm instead of the magnet prior to the use of the magnet in the AM series. No change in circulatory activity was evident with the quarter. These images are on file and available for review.

Before and After other types of therapies

before sandals
Teletherm Image BEFORE wearing orthopedic sandals.
Note poor circulation in the feet (cold blue/purple shades).

after sandals
Teletherm Image AFTER wearing orthopedic sandals for only 15 minutes.
Note changes to circulation in the feet with increased activity across the arch.

International Society for Optics and Photonics

Published in SPIE Proceedings Vol. 4360: 

Thermosense XXIII

"Objective assessment of biomagnetic devices and alternative clinical therapies using infrared thermal imaging."

click here for
Proceedings Paper

before aerobics
Aerobics Instructor BEFORE commencing low impact aerobics.
Note extremely poor circulation in hands (absence of fingers ... total thermal cut-off)

after aerobics
Aerobics Instructor AFTER 15 minutes low impact aerobics.
Note dramatic change to circulation in the hands.

Before and After use of various facial creams

The following images were taken with a specialized thermal imaging camera of the same subject before cream was applied, after cream was applied to just one side of the face, and then after cream was applied all over the face. The hottest areas of the image are in the reds and whites, while the coolest areas show up in the greens and blues.

before cream face
                        with cream one side  after both sides face
Before and After using Exfoliating Cream
Image Left - Before using cream. Middle - cream on one side of face; Right - all over face.

before milk wash  after one side with
                        milk wash  milk
                        wash all over face
Before and After using Milk Wash Lotion
Image Left - Before using lotion. Middle - lotion on one side of face; Right - all over face.

before cold cream  cold cream one side  cold cream all over face
Before and After using Cold Cream
Image Left - Before using cream. Middle - cream on one side of face; Right - all over face.

Facial views comparing effects AFTER removing each cream and then, wash/dry of face.

face after exfol cream  face after milk wash  image after cold cream
Image Left - After Exfoliating cream; Middle - After Milk Lotion; Right image - After Cold Cream

(Note that there is greater thermal activity exhibited in the face after the exfoliating cream has been used, even after the subject has removed the cream and washed, whereas the cold cream image on the right still shows greater areas of decreased thermal activity, particularly in the cheeks)

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