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ThermReview Software
  • Designed for Clinical Infrared Thermal Imaging
  • Windows Compatible
  • Powerful Image Post-processing
  • Available for Teletherm Infrared Imagers
  • Touch-screen compatible
  • Voice activated commands
  • User selected scan sequences
  • User selection for delay of image scan
  • Multiple isotherm with automatic calculation of temperature differences
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9 images can be displayed in a single window, simultaneously.

Place temperature markers with pointers at any user selected angles and distance.

Place temperatures at any pixel location on the images.

Move to any image and automatically show appropriate temperatures for that image.

Icons at top of screen provide for easy function control.

Temperature values appear beside the color bar, and show increments of temperature.

Name of image, date, time and temperature range stamp at bottom of each image.

X/Y coordinate values designated.

Module for download of image temperature values to Excel format.


Different color palette formats can be used on the same image or within the same window.

The palette design tool allows for any palette to be created with any combination of colors.

Note the use of black to white, or reverse, as demonstrated on the mouth image at the bottom right.

Isotherms can be designated to highlight all areas at a certain temperature value or range within the image.

Instant temperature read at top left corner of any image selected for any pixel location within the image.


View of subject's back image  demonstrating multiple isotherm areas, or highlighted similar temperature zones, overlaying shades of grey.

Upper left hand corner of larger image shows temperature value for cursor location on specific pixel within the image. This automatically changes as the pointer is moved across the image.


Note use of graphing function for both bar and line graphs. These can be positioned for any vertical or horizontal location on a selected image.

Image on left at the middle position is a rear view of a horse with a muscle problem. The bottom three images are of the original image, but with use of the digital zoom function on the software, multiple enlargements of the area of interest can be obtained at a later date.

  • Multiple digital zoom
  • Automatic save to disk of images after scan
  • Precision spot temperature control
  • Flexible pointer and identifier for any location on image
  • Operational symbols/icons for one-click operation
  • Mouse controlled temperature display at any location on the image
  • Software calibration in the field
  • Unlimited color palette design
  • Plus/minus control for number of colors displayed for image
  • Multiple palette display on same screen
  • Toggle for Celsius & Fahrenheit
  • Reverse color scale control
  • 9 image window display over multiple windows
  • X/Y axis mapping of coordinates for each pixel on image
  • Histograms and image graphing at any point on image / vertical or horizontal
  • Post processing with a specific Temp. range and Delta T
  • Note taking on image
  • Stored notes attached to image
  • On-line help screens
  • Compatibility format for all standard image file types
  • Integration of outside .bmp images from other software and imagery
  • Date, time, label, Delta T and Temp. range automatic
  • Edit, copy, paste for use in reports
  • Standard PC file/save/retrieve and print functions for images
  • Compact file size for efficient use over the internet
  • Complimentary telephone and email support for term of license.


Function for re-processing any saved image with fixed temperature values and a set Delta T (temperature differential) per color.

Ability to control master temperature calibration in the field for taking of images.

Design options for multiple palettes and isotherms for any image location on the screen.

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