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Sports Pages

Professional U.S. Football Team
Online Book of Images - Complete series of athletic infrared thermal images with annotations

Complete study of
thermal images taken of U.S. Pro Football Players

  • Complete hardcopy text & images converted for online study
  • Covers 29 key players with different team positions
  • Quarterback in this study was a Heisman Trophy winner
  • Involved physiological areas are noted on each player
  • Symmetry evaluations for each image
  • Unique picture of a professional team of players / athletes
  • Segmental views shown for each team member
  • Provides helpful phraseology for reports / evaluations
  • From a rare collection of thermal images taken after a game
  • Positioning points are noted
  • Tips on additional views that may be important to the study
  • Unlimited access for one year
bucs37a1 infrared image
37a1 - Running back
Plantar surface of the feet.
This view can be used to help identify what is happening
at the periphery of the L4, L5, S1 nerve root areas in the lower back. ... (cont'd.)

                      infrared image
37a2- Running back
Very cool feet appearing on this anterior view. Digits don't appear.  Increased heat down subject's right leg into dorsal part of the foot ... (cont'd.)

Sports Pages - Professional Football Team - Book of Images (online)
Complete series of infrared thermal images taken of a U.S. professional team with noteworthy annotations for each image on the various players.  Provides an informative discussion of the thermal patterns and symmetry aspects with regards to musculoskeletal evaluations with this imaging in sports.
Fee:  (US) $75.
(includes unlimited access for one year)

Symmetrical thermal image of football player

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