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Teletherm TIGER-4
Infrared Thermal Imagers -
desktop & palm held systems

30 years of experience counts for a great deal

"The system is robust ... and a proven, sensitive design" -
BioPhotonics Int'l.
  • Zero drift detector system
  • Easy to operate - simple point and shoot
  • No complicated operational controls
  • Efficient "auto save"  feature
  • High performance SED technology
  • Thermodynamically stable reference
  • Exceptional depth of field
  • Plug into USB port directly
  • Calibrated specifically for medical use

                            camera on counter-balanced salon stand
thermogram of man's back

thermologist doctor

Tiger4 on available counter-balanced salon stand with laptop.
"We rely upon infrared cameras to tell us about the far reaches of the Universe ... it's reasonable to expect that we should gain valuable  information on a human subject placed only four feet away."  Margaret Abernathy, M.D.,
Georgetown University School of Medicine

Application Specialties:
Plastic Surgery
Internal Medicine
Integrative Health Care

It's easy to evaluate the physiology of the human body, with non-invasive infrared thermal imaging.

In a living subject, such as a human being or animal, the changes in blood flow to an area result in a measureable thermal response.

Teletherm Tiger-4
infrared cameras provide high quality still thermograms, captured with reliability & consistency for biomedical, scientific, and health applications.

     High Signal to Low Noise Ratio
     Set to Physiological Temperature Range.
     Stable, consistent, and dependable performance
     Plug into Standard USB Port.
     Wi-Fi and Remote Features

Performance, quality, and reliability
with complimentary customer service & support

Made in the U.S.A.
   Teletherm infrared thermal imager on tripod

Advanced technology

Space-age optics and infrared thermal imaging components
for efficient and proven assistance to all areas of health care.

Providing the ability to use good clinical protocols for consistent measurement. 

  • Using the latest data acquisition technology, the current generation of Teletherm infrared thermal imagers are ready to plug-and-play with a standard personal computer, or through wireless control from a notebook or other device.
  • Manufactured by a company with over 25 years of production experience in the clinical and scientific field of infrared thermal imaging technology.
  • Teletherm infrared thermal imaging systems are installed and supported in private clinics and major institutions throughout the world.
  • They are fully digital with excellent sensitivity and spatial resolution.
  • Designed for full protocol research applications in the health care field.
  • Teletherm infrared thermal imagers operate within the important 8-12 micron spectral range, ideally suited for human and animal imaging.
  • They have many advanced features included.
  • Various levels of education and support programs are provided.
  • Uses powerful thermal image processing functions for thorough analysis.  ThermReview Software
  • Clear and precise images for reliable clinical measurement.

thermo of lady

Digital Infrared thermal imaging is in use throughout the world by Teletherm clients for the adjunctive evaluation of:
  •      Breast abnormalities
  •      Thyroid
  •      Peripheral vascular
  •      Cerebral vascular 
  •      Musculoskeletal
  •      Inflammatory and neoplastic conditions
This is an extremely objective test and involves an understanding of fundamental medicine (anatomy and physiology). Temperature differences appear as color gradations based upon increases or decreases in thermal activity at the various anatomical regions.

It's important to have an infrared camera that's calibrated to the physiological temperature range.

Palm held Tiger4 Radiometric infrared cameras

      Tiger4 camera infrared thermal imager

The difference is clear ... with Teletherm Infrared

Images on left with other manufacturer's unit of  NEDT  0.080 degrees C* 
Images on right with Teletherm TIGER4 NEDT  0.015 degrees C*.
Comparing thermal images
                              industrial vs medical
comparison of infrared imagers
                              view of face
*Nominal Noise equivalent Delta T.  Images were taken same day within minutes of each other and in same location.

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